Monday, March 5, 2012

How To... Cardboard Seeding Cups (gardening)

My friend Joyce posted about this on facebook a couple of weeks ago and I thought since I was beginning my gardening venture, I'd give it a try. Using empty toilet paper rolls or empty paper towel rolls you can make seeding pots to start your seeds in. Then later transfer the whole cardboard cup to the ground (or remove plant and put in ground). 


  1. empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  2. scissors
  3. potting soil or soil disc
  4. seeds
  5. water
  6. plastic tray or shallow box
1. Cut the toilet paper tube in half
    (paper towel tube into 4ths)
2. fold roll long ways to crease
     fold long ways again 
3. open the tube and
define the creases
to make it 'square'

4. Cut 1/2 inch up each
of the creases 
5. Fold the sides towards the
middle over lapping each
as you go around
6. Place cups into plastic
 tray or bin

7. Place potting soil or a soil disc
 into the cup
8. Add seeds and water

9. Cover with plastic wrap

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